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Welcome to stackstones and stones-of-patience

Welcome to the creative firm Stones-of-Patience.
Here we work with stones. Stones that you can stack. If you see this as an athletic challenge and like to rate yourself in competition with others, then you’re in the right place here. At www.stackstones.com. 

But if you’re looking for relaxation or diversion from troubling thoughts or want to solve problems and need a playful stimulus for that, then click on the tab above: stones-of-patience

Everyone can stack stones… yes, precisely.
So why not simply try it out:

Get yourself a set of stacking stones here and stack them as shown on the accompanying photograph. The thick, flat stones on the bottom- in the middle the thinner ones- and on the top the wider ones again.

Every set of stacking stones sold has a number. The stacking stones contained in the set were carefully selected and stacked with patience and affection. Then a photograph was taken and the stones were packaged.

So every stack is tested. If we can stack and unstack it repeatedly, you can do it too. Try it! Show how patient you can be.

And now something new! Mini Stacking Stones! The game of patience in a pocket-size version….
Help yourself as long as supplies last! At present, Mini Stacking Stones are shipped only to the USA. If you’d still prefer to acquire the regular-size stacking stones, they will cost $ 45.00 instead of $ 25.00 because of the high shipping costs from Germany. 

For help please write to: info@stackstones.com 
Cell: 0176-45 92 3007 WARNING: You’re making a call to Germany!