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Tips & Tricks

...You just can't get it right?
Again and again these stupid stones fall over?
You would also like to finally have a sense of achievement?

Then... just buy your tips & tricks for it!

For each stack of stones there is an exact instruction how to place the stones in a way that it finally works out. 
how to place the stones, which special features the stones have and how they have to be placed in front, left or
and how it has to lie in front, on the left or below. Because the photos and video recordings are not always so clear. In addition
it looks so simple in the video... when you then see these really large and heavy finishing stones at home (which weigh up to
600 grams), you quickly believe that it's impossible how we could ever stack that.

And this several times in a row!

Here is the term definition for the difficulty levels:
easy:      You can stack the stones according to the attached
              photo effortlessly. You may need two or three attempts.
              But the photo and the enlarged under <photo gallery>
              are sufficient.
medium: You can stack the stones according to the attached
              photo. For this you need surely several tries. But the
              photo and the enlarged representation under <photo
              gallery> are sufficient.
hard:      without tips & tricks you will not make it. Only for this
              Stacking stone stacks we have the tips & tricks there.