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Meditation stones for stacking. Free your thoughts!
Find a clear surface and take your time. Begin by stacking the stones. Try to imitate the form of an hour glass (see video on the next page). You concentrate solely on stacking stones and can allow your subconscious mind to work. It solves problems, brings you to new thoughts, creates ideas, fortifies your creative side. In addition, you relax, calm your spirit, switch off everyday reality reduce stress and fill up with new energy. Don’t I also need to mention that stacking stones is a fun thing to do – or do I?

Your own little meditation set to kill time. Stones-of-patience to go – ideal as well for the desk at work or for on the go, in a cafe for example, to relax quickly and cheer yourself up.
And now something new! Mini Stacking Stones! The game of patience in a pocket-size version….
Help yourself as long as supplies last! At present, Mini Stacking Stones are shipped only to the USA. If you’d still prefer to acquire the regular-size stack- ing stones, they will cost $ 45.00 instead of $ 25.00 because of the high shipping costs from Germany. 

For help please write to: service@stackstones.com 
Cell: 0176-45 92 3007 WARNING: You’re making a call to Germany!